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Twin-screw Extrusion Sheeter


Twin-cone twin-screw extrusion sheeter


Bevel gear single-hanging twin-screw extrusion sheeter

The twin-screw extrusion sheeter is a key piece of equipment in large-scale modern rubber production and this one has some great advantages, especially in processing the rubber materials of all-steel radials. It is a key down-stream machine when paired with the internal mixer. Its main features are:

1. A single-headed, variable-pitch, variable-depth, convergent screw structure for both screws, propelled conically. The two screws rotate in opposite directions, meshing integrally. Thanks to the angle, the rubber materials flow smoothly and the screw extrusion and material transport are greatly improved.

2. The barrel feed hopper has a large opening and its walls are designed with a cooling water channel for better heat dissipation, allowing the rubber materials to flow smoothly with no arching cambers, no scorching or adhesion, and no residual rubber in the barrel.

3. The screw surface and the inner surface of the barrel are coated with hardened chrome for better corrosion and abrasion resistance, and to lengthen the service life of the machine.

4. The screws have an ultrasonic level meter and pressure transducer, and their speed and that of the rollers can be monitored and controlled to keep the film rolling in a neater, smoother way.

5. The machine is compact and convenient both to install and maintain.

Twin-screw Sheeter Main Technical Parameters


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