Product Introduction
Drum-type (rotary) Vulcanizing Press

This machine was mainly designed to meet the needs of transport and drive belts in light industry and the textile, printing, dyeing, papermaking, tobacco, food, and chemical rubber industries, as well as for energy companies, mines, ports, and wharves in home and abroad. It can turn out large, wide or thin rubber belts and plates that have special surface shape and quality, such as patterned rubber plates, printing rubber plates, as well as printing and dyeing guide belts. With supporting equipment such as a stretching device or pressure unit, it can produce thick conveyor belts, drive belts, or other similar products.


Drum-type (rotary) Vulcanizing Press with Nylon-Rubber Compound-type Transmission Conveyor Belt

Drum-type (rotary) Vulcanizing Press Technical Parameters


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